Hot rolled coil is rolled from con-cast slabs that have been “soaked” or preheated to just below its molten temperature (around 2,800° F). The coil is then allowed to air cool to room temperature, allowing the steel to self anneal any “work hardening” that occurred in the rolling process. It is not uncommon for a small amount of surface oxidation or scale to occur in the cooling process.

If the surface condition of the coil is critical for the end use, there are steps the mill can take to improve the surface condition. Once cooled, the coil may then be run through a set of temper rolls to remove any excess scale, a process known as “Skin Passing”. Another option is to have the HR coil Pickled & Oiled where the coil is run through a caustic bath to remove the surface scale and then oiled to prevent any surface oxidation from reoccurring.

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