Alloy Bar

Alloy Bars are fine grain steels with significant additions of alloying elements. They exhibit superior strength, toughness and abrasion resistance over non-alloy bars.

 There are two general categories of alloy steels: the high strength low alloy types which rely largely on chemical composition to develop desired mechanical properties in the as-rolled or normalized condition; and the constructional alloy steels in which the desired properties are developed by thermal treatment.

Why Use Alloy Bar?

*For Strength – Yield, Tensile.
*For Toughness – Notch Impact Strength.
*For Fatigue Strength.
*For a balance between Strength and Toughness.
*For Abrasion Resistance.
*For increased Corrosion Resistance.
*For increased Hardenability.
*For improved Mechanical Properties at low and high temperatures.

 Special Requirements

 Consider the following for various grades of alloy bar to ensure you get bars that work best for you:
1) Machinability
2) Additional Heat Treatment
3) Weldability

Heat Treatments Available

1) Quenched and Tempered – Hardens the Steel
2) Normalized – Improves Machinability and Toughness
3) Annealed – Softens the Steel

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